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Gregg Doyel Interview
September 8, 2015

It’s another Gregg Doyel Tuesday! He hits the Colts 53 man roster, their youth movement on Defense, and the Patriots of course! Tweet

Eddie White Interview
September 4, 2015

The great Eddie White stops by for his weekly visit with Kent as they hit ND Football, Reggie being a Patriot and much much more. Tweet

Whiny Patriots fans like Bill Simmons should shut the hell up and accept their disgrace
August 5, 2015

by Kent Sterling Bill Simmons carps.  It’s on his business card – “Bill Simmons – Carper-at-large”.  Or it should be.  So it was no surprise when he petulantly railed against Colts general manager Ryan Grigson yesterday for “squealing” on the Patriots for Deflategate.. Simmons attacked Grigson in a series of tweets that alternately expressed disgust […]

If Tom Brady had been Richard Nixon, he would have burned the tapes
July 29, 2015

by Kent Sterling Cheaters are always compared to our nation’s 37th president who resigned in disgrace after cheating throughout the 1972 presidential election process that resulted in his re-election. At first, Richard Nixon consistently denied that cheating occurred, and later that he had any knowledge of whatever cheating had been done.  Alexander Butterfield dropped the […]

Deflategate – Patriots QB Tom Brady deserves to sit entire 2015 season for cheating
May 11, 2015

by Kent Sterling The NFL has no problem suspending players for extended periods because they get stoned, but a cheater is now expected to earn only a two-to-four game suspension for violating a rule that resulted in his team gaining a significant competitive advantage.  Yeah, that makes sense. Mirroring our criminal justice system, addicts are […]

Deflategate – Tom Brady’s agent may as well have admitted his client’s guilt
May 8, 2015

by Kent Sterling Attorneys are like magicians – everyone knows they are tricking us with sleight of speech and misdirection, but the good ones keep us guessing in wonderment. Don Yee is Tom Brady’s agent, and yesterday he pulled back the curtain as he clumsily tried to pull a rabbit out of his transparent hat […]