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Stephenson Back on Pacers’ Terms – I’d Take That
January 16, 2015

by Bert Beiswanger Long before I read the trade rumors today involving Charlotte, Oklahoma City and Brooklyn and Lance Stephenson, I re-visited the idea of the Pacers re-acquiring “Born Ready.” As we know, rumors swirled weeks ago that Charlotte is interested in ending the Lance Stephenson experiment. Charlotte Hornets executive extraordinaire Michael Jordan can’t handle Lance […]

The Indiana Pacers Need Lance Stephenson
July 9, 2014

by Bert Beiswanger So what do the Pacers and team president Larry Bird do with Lance “Born Ready” Stephenson? It seems everyone in Indianapolis has had an opinion on this the last few days, and I have mine. I don’t see that the Pacers have much of a choice but to re-sign Lance Stephenson. I […]

Indiana Pacers – Lance Stephenson needs the Pacers and the Pacers need Stephenson
July 8, 2014

by Kent Sterling A perfect friendship, marriage, or business partnership involves an elevation of both sides because of their involvement with the other.  That describes nicely the mutually beneficial relationship between the Indiana Pacers and unrestricted free agent Lance Stephenson that has flourished over the past four years. Nowhere would Stephenson have been allowed to […]