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Indiana Pacers need to bring absolute focus and aggression to win Game Two
May 19, 2014

by Kent Sterling The potential for the Pacers to suffer a down is high tomorrow night.  The Heat didn’t win back-to-back championships by not knowing how to respond to adversity. Paul George and the Pacers should expect a much more frenetic defensive effort from the Heat tomorrow night.  Yesterday, the Heat embarrassed themselves by going […]

Indiana Pacers – Blowout win over Wizards swings home court back to #1 seed
May 9, 2014

by Kent Sterling Predictability is not a strength of the Indiana Pacers, and that’s a very good thing tonight.  The one outcome that seemed least likely was a Pacers blowout win, so of course that is exactly what happened. Indiana, a team of a penchant for delivering drama took charge in the second half and […]

Splitsville! Pacers Coming Home with Home Court Advantage After Beating Heat 97-93
May 25, 2013

by Kent Sterling How do you beat Sunday?  The Indy 500 followed by Game One of a best-of-five with Indiana holding home court advantage will make May 26th one of the best sports days in Indianapolis since the heyday of Reggie Miller’s Pacers. The Pacers outlasted the Heat tonight, as they were able to close […]