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Indiana Pacers need to bring absolute focus and aggression to win Game Two
May 19, 2014

by Kent Sterling The potential for the Pacers to suffer a down is high tomorrow night.  The Heat didn’t win back-to-back championships by not knowing how to respond to adversity. Paul George and the Pacers should expect a much more frenetic defensive effort from the Heat tomorrow night.  Yesterday, the Heat embarrassed themselves by going […]

Indiana Pacers – Blowout win over Wizards swings home court back to #1 seed
May 9, 2014

by Kent Sterling Predictability is not a strength of the Indiana Pacers, and that’s a very good thing tonight.  The one outcome that seemed least likely was a Pacers blowout win, so of course that is exactly what happened. Indiana, a team of a penchant for delivering drama took charge in the second half and […]