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Chicago Cubs collapse is perfect companion for Wrigley Field’s 100th birthday
April 24, 2014

by Kent Sterling The Cubs 7-5 loss yesterday happened exactly as it should have; exactly as it had to on the day Wrigley Field turned 100. According to the win probability chart at baseball-reference.com, the Cubs had a 97% probability of winning when the top of the ninth inning started with the Cubs holding onto […]

Chicago Cubs and Rooftop Owners Appear to Be Headed to Court Over Giant Signs
January 27, 2014

by Kent Sterling The battle between the Cubs and the owners of the rooftop saloons that overlook Wrigley Field from across Waveland and Sheffield Avenues is a little like a grade school fight between bullies.  Both guys losing is the only acceptable outcome. Cubs owner Smilin’ Tommy Ricketts would like to erect giant video boards […]

St. Louis Cardinals Show Chicago Cubs How to Retool, Not Rebuild
October 7, 2013

by Kent Sterling Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein would like Cubs fans to believe that rebuilding is the road to winning, and that it takes five years.  That the length of his contract is five years is purely coincidental. The St. Louis Cardinals just keep piling up trips to the postseason at a […]

Chicago Cubs Brainstorm May Have Been Reason for Dale Sveum’s Firing
October 1, 2013

by Kent Sterling Meetings happen all the time at businesses to uncover the solutions to problems.  Rooms are filled with people of all stations at a company.  The problem owner (the boss who convened the meeting for the purpose of finding a creative solution to his most troublesome worry) identifies the issue to be discussed, […]

As Chicago Cubs Continue Dealing Vets, They Fail in Developing Young Core
August 22, 2013

by Kent Sterling There is some bad mojo going on at Wrigley Field.  Fans and media claim that team president Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are pressing all the right buttons in trading veterans for farm system bulk, and that the youngsters left behind are being tutored to play better at the major league level. […]

Chicago Cubs GM Jed Hoyer Tries to Pass Nonsense as Insight
June 5, 2013

by Kent Sterling I’m not sure whether Chicago Cubs General Manager is an idiot, full of crap, or made an inept effort to cover for his team yesterday on Buster Olney’s podcast. Below are quotes followed by unpleasant realities: “Usually you draft starters in the draft, and a lot of the best relievers are failed […]