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Indiana Football goes all Indiana Football in Iowa City – which really ain’t that bad!
September 7, 2021

The recency bias that enticed Indiana fans to buy into the belief that their football program had turned a corner toward repeatable respectability was flawed – as is the case with most recency biases. The Hoosiers were outclassed, out-executed, and out-fought by Iowa Saturday afternoon in their season opening 34-6 debacle. Now, Indiana fans need to fight […]

Indiana Football fans need to adjust expectations and gameday routine #iufb
June 25, 2021

Indiana fans are the Trappist Monks of college football, and their old habits die hard. Trappist Monks forego all measures of life’s enjoyable indulgences as they attempt to achieve enlightenment.  At some point, Trappists forget all about the delicacies they left behind.  They adapt to the new normal lacking all those things we covet that […]