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Tom Crean showed multiple weaknesses by failing to show for his own firing
March 22, 2017

Tom Crean could have won his last game as basketball coach at Indiana University. He chose to not play. In the most interesting and revealing paragraph in Pete Thamel’s post on si.com featuring the first comments from Tom Cream about his firing as basketball coach at Indiana University, Thamel reported what he was told by Crean, […]

The victimization of Tom Crean begins with a Harbaugh op-ed piece on si.com
March 18, 2017

Tom Crean had two options in leaving Indiana – admit his flaws led to uneven results, or point fingers at IU’s administration as those who caused his program to belch and sputter during three of the last four seasons. Clearly, Crean and his family have chosen the latter, but his brothers-in-law are playing attack dog […]

Tom Crean is going to be fine – save your sympathy for someone else
March 17, 2017

Let’s not waste our empathy on Tom Crean. Yeah, he was fired yesterday, and that’s never pleasant for a person.  I’m sure hearing the news for Crean was an unpleasant and emotional moment, but is it really a worth an outpouring of sympathy from fans and pundits? People making $28,000 a year are downsized every […]

IU Basketball – Tom Crean fired at Indiana
March 16, 2017

There really wasn’t much doubt this was coming. Uneven results driven by scattershot recruiting and poor fundamental basketball left little reason for hope moving forward if Tom Crean remained as coach. No amount of cheerleading or politicking could change the results of the last four years.  Indiana’s Big 10 record of 38-34 ranked eighth among […]

Indiana Basketball – Are misbehaving players trying to get Tom Crean fired?
May 13, 2015

by Kent Sterling Tom Crean is employed by Indiana University to execute a number of tasks, but they each fit under the umbrella of the running most visible and powerful marketing initiative IU has available to attract attention and students. Each player and coach of Indiana’s basketball team is a high profile representative of the […]

Indiana Basketball – Tom Crean a bad fit from the beginning, death spiral has started
March 19, 2015

by Kent Sterling As Indiana prepares to play Wichita State in the opening round of the 2015 NCAA Tournament, conversations among Hoosiers fans have little to do with that intriguing matchup between two outstanding sets of guards. Will Tom Crean be fired?  Did what Tom Crean said Monday night during his radio show mean he’s […]

Indiana Basketball – Passionate fans turn surly and Tom Crean is their latest victim
March 18, 2015

by Kent Sterling It’s hard to figure.  After 20 seasons of entrenched mediocrity, Indiana University Basketball still resonates in the Hoosier State. Virtually every home game sees almost every one of the 17,472 seats at Assembly Hall filled with excited fans hopeful that brighter days are ahead for the Cream & Crimson.  Kids ask for […]