Ahead of the Curve on 1070 the Fan at 11a – Rick Venturi, Luis Scola, Todd Mainovich and More

by Kent Sterling

UnknownI can’t wait to get to the studio today to spend two hours with Chris Hagan to talk sports.  This should be a very busy and fun day on 1070 the Fan.

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We’ll talk to one of the defensive geniuses of football, Rick Venturi about the Colts and their matchups with the NFC West.  Rick spent the last week at Colts and Rams Camp, and spent the last several years either coaching or covering the Rams and NFC West and their is no one better to break down the Colts and their four games against arguably the toughest division in the NFL.

Luis Scola joined the Indiana Pacers last week, and he’ll join Chris and I today for a little chat about coming to the Blue and Gold.  Larry Bird searched for the final piece of the puzzle, and he just might have found it by dealing a a couple of spare parts and a draft pick to get him.  Scola for Chuck ’em, Smiles for Miles, and what should be a late first round pick is the best trade since Jermaine O’Neal for Roy Hibbert, and Scola is a very interesting guy as well as a productive player.

More Pacers news was released yesterday as Chris Copeland underwent knee surgery to clean out a loose body.  I heard from Chris last night, and we share what he had to say about the surgery.

Of course, we’ll talk a little bit about ARod, Tiger, the fleeting mass interest in soccer, Tony Romo not playing in tomorrow’s Hall of Fame Game, and hey, Greg Oden!  But the coolest part of the show will be an interview with former quarterback stud Todd Marinovich.  The more I read about Johnny Manziel, the more Todd popped into my head.  I’m looking forward to hearing what Todd would tell Manziel if he had the chance.

Todd is sober now, with a successful career in art (check out toddmarinovich.com to see his outstanding work), but 20 years ago the pressures of being a gifted quarterback proved too much and he sank into a spiral of drug use that crippled his development as a QB and a man.

We all hope that the Manziel story doesn’t have a second act that mirrors Manziels, but the discomfort with fame and expectations is something the two seem to share.

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