Filling in for Dan Dakich on 1070 the Fan from 12p-3p – Always fun but today should be special

by Kent Sterling

It's Friday, so I'm not going to be dressed like this - and I sure won't be rocking the orange spray tan.

It’s Friday, so I’m not going to be dressed like this – and I sure won’t be rocking the orange spray tan.

There are days in radio when you have to dig a little bit to figure out what to talk about, but not today.  Not with the Pacers @ Wizards game tonight, the portion of the NFL Draft that is meaningful for the Colts, and the inaugural Grand Prix of Indianapolis tomorrow afternoon.  Today, I could do six hours and still have bullets left in the chamber.

Roy Hibbert and the Indiana Pacers are grinding through one of the most interesting single seasons ever played.  A great start, difficult second half, seven-game series against Atlanta, wild mood swings, a fascinating trade and signing, and now what looks to be a very difficult series with the young (minus the twin Methuselahs of Andre Miller and Drew Gooden) Washington Wizards.

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We’ll hear from Conrad Brunner and Eddie White about the alternating plights and triumphs of Hibbert and the Pacers this afternoon.  Both are insightful and informed.  We’ll also talk to Mike Wise from the Washington Post for an opposing perspective.

The NFL Draft continues tonight at 7p, and the Colts will use the 59th overall pick to help somewhere.  Smart money is on an interior lineman or safety.  The guy I keep talking up is center Weston Richburg from Colorado State, but that’s because I like his name rather than his game.  I haven’t seen much of Richburg, but his name fits a guy who might wear a skipper cap like Judge Smails in “Caddyshack,” so I’m all about Richburg.

The Rams won day one of the draft with two picks in the first round, and finally the bounty from the RG3 trade is known.  I thought they were going to trade down knowing that one of the top four tackles were likely going to be around through the 15th pick, but they loved Greg Robinson.  With the 13th pick, the Rams took the explosive defensive tackle Aaron Donald, which completes their set of four first rounders on the line.

Defensive backs appeared to be a need for the Rams, but one great way to improve the cover skills of cornerbacks and safeties is to build a dominant pass rush.  Every pro DB should be able to stay with a receiver for three seconds, and it shouldn’t take much longer for Robert Quinn, Chris Long, Michael Brockers, or Aaron Donald to get to a quarterback.

We’ll hear from Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star on the Colts, and ESPN’s Nick Wagoner about the Rams draft.

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Can’t wait for the Grand Prix of Indianapolis tomorrow at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  This race was just too logical a piece of the May puzzle not to be added to the schedule.  The cars and drivers are here, the road course is here, why not hold a race?  Makes sense.

We’ll also take some calls, and I going to try to raise my game to Dan’s level in dealing with them to make sure listeners don’t need to listen to silliness for any longer than necessary.

Best three hours of my Friday for sure.

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