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Mighty Sterling Art Players presents – “It’s a Ricketts Family Christmas!”
January 29, 2021

Christmas has come and gone, but as the Cubs continue to lance payroll at every turn, it’s time for a peek at Chicago’s least favorite family – the Ricketts. (This teleplay was written in the voice of the Ricketts Family but is not meant to represent an actual conversation they may or may not have […]

Cubs botch Marquee Network launch – profiteer owner Tom Ricketts pushing fans away
February 24, 2020

Who can and can’t watch Cubs baseball?  No one knows. Fans thought that signing up for DirecTV or Hulu+ would allow then to catch Saturday’s spring training opener.  For a variety of reasons, that didn’t happen for any of the Hulu+ subscribers and some of the DirecTV folks. Marquee still has no deal with YouTube TV, […]

Chicago Cubs season tickets prices skyrocket, and that better buy pitching
December 5, 2016

It makes all the sense in the world for these World Champions to jack up prices for season tickets, but it still seems wrong. There is great demand, and even from the scattershot listening I did during macroeconomics while a student at Indiana University, I understand that increased demand requires a response in pricing. But the […]

Chicago Cubs disposal of commemorative bricks reveals soullessness and duplicity
May 28, 2015

by Kent Sterling Can the business wing of the Chicago Cubs do anything right? When Cubs fans bought inscribed bricks that would “forever” surround Wrigley Field with messages of love and memories, they believed the bricks would be there for generations. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter They lasted less than 10 years, and […]

Chicago Cubs and Rooftop Owners Appear to Be Headed to Court Over Giant Signs
January 27, 2014

by Kent Sterling The battle between the Cubs and the owners of the rooftop saloons that overlook Wrigley Field from across Waveland and Sheffield Avenues is a little like a grade school fight between bullies.  Both guys losing is the only acceptable outcome. Cubs owner Smilin’ Tommy Ricketts would like to erect giant video boards […]

Cubs Graceless in Tossing “We miss you” Ron Santo Card, But What Do You Expect?
October 3, 2013

by Kent Sterling To fans, the Cubs are a passion, and the former players are heroes.  To Cubs management, the team is a business, and the former players are assets to leverage.  When they die, a period of mourning is observed.  As it lapses, all memorabilia representing that player is tossed into a dumpster.  Or […]

Wrigley’s News Signs Will Be a Win for All – Yeah, Right!
July 11, 2013

by Kent Sterling In a decision that was as foreseeable as it was inevitable, the Commission on Chicago Landmarks approved a slightly scaled back version of the demands of Cubs ownership to improve the profitability of Wrigley Field. Cubs owner Tom Ricketts threatened to leave Wrigley Field if they weren’t met, while nearly simultaneously promising […]

Chicago Cubs – Wrigley Field Rooftop Owners Need to Tone It Down
May 28, 2013

by Kent Sterling “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” appears to be a phrase near and dear to the hearts of the Wrigley Field Rooftop Association.  They email their literature to me on a regular basis, and appear to have misjudged my feelings toward them. The Cubs business office is run by an […]

Chicago Cubs – Ridiculous Ownership Now Threatening to Move
May 1, 2013

by Kent Sterling I wish Cubs owner Tom Ricketts played poker and I could get a seat at his table.  Every time he plays a hand, he bluffs, and I would own the Cubs the next day. Today, at a breakfast of business owners in Chicago, he threatened to move.  Cubs fans and the City […]