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Indiana Pacers need to bring absolute focus and aggression to win Game Two
May 19, 2014

by Kent Sterling The potential for the Pacers to suffer a down is high tomorrow night.  The Heat didn’t win back-to-back championships by not knowing how to respond to adversity. Paul George and the Pacers should expect a much more frenetic defensive effort from the Heat tomorrow night.  Yesterday, the Heat embarrassed themselves by going […]

2013-2014 NBA Position Rankings – Top 10 Wings
August 8, 2013

by Ryan Sterling With the point guard position taken care of it is time to move on to wing position.  I believe basketball has evolved to the point where the shooting guard and the small forward positions are interchangeable.  If you are a shooting guard who cannot play small forward or visa versa you are […]

Miami Repeat as Champs as Spurs Wither Down the Stretch to Lose 95-88
June 21, 2013

by Kent Sterling As the game remained close well into the second half, it seemed the Miami Heat were waiting for the moment to unleash the hounds of war and assert their will. The Spurs fought with pride, but like the Spartans at Thermopylae, the opposing horde was too much to take on when the […]

Miami Heat Third Wheel Chris Bosh Should Stop Talking
June 20, 2013

by Kent Sterling NBA players in Toronto are harmless.  No one pays any attention, even if they say stupid things.  Forgive me if I missed how self-impressed Chris Bosh was up in the hinterlands of the NBA Now that he has moved to Miami where microphones and cameras are everywhere, Bosh’s inane chatter is impossible […]

NBA Finals – Miami Heat Make Winning Best of Seven very Tough
June 14, 2013

by Kent Sterling The Miami Heat are like Moby Dick and the rest of the NBA is Ahab.  Everytime the league thinks they have Lebron and company on the hook, the Heat remind you they aren’t some ordinary trout. LeBron giveth hope, and LeBron taketh hope away. The 33 points and 11 rebound from James […]

NBA Finals – Five Reasons to Watch Even Though You Don’t Care Who Wins
June 6, 2013

by Kent Sterling Let’s face it, without a rooting interest the NBA Finals are terrible television.  The last 90-seconds of a close game can take almost a half-hour, and there is so much physical contact the referees can justifiably call fouls on every possession. The Miami heat host the San Antonio Spurs tonight in Game […]