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Top Ten reasons the Indianapolis Colts are on the brink of a championship season
June 1, 2015

by Kent Sterling The Indianapolis Colts are in a position where a championship could be in their immediate future.  Here are the top ten reasons the Colts are becoming the favorites to win Super Bowl L: 10 – Membership in AFC South – This division of leftovers has been the Colts to dominate since it […]

Indianapolis Colts – Mel Kiper Loves the Richardson Trade – for the Cleveland Browns
September 19, 2013

by Kent Sterling Indianapolis Colts GM Ryan Grigson must feel a little like Bill Tobin did almost 20 years ago when ESPN’s Mel Kiper ripped Tobin and the Colts for drafting Nebraska linebacker Trev Alberts.  The two situations aren’t really similar, but the argument between Tobin and Kiper is one of my favorite all-time draft moments. […]

Indianapolis Colts Trade 2014 First Round Pick to Cleveland Browns for Trent Richardson
September 18, 2013

by Kent Sterling Two hours after writing how the Colts were going to be just fine dealing with season ending injuries to Vick Ballard, Donald Thomas, and Dwayne Allen, general manager Ryan Grigson showed his disdain for my opinion by swapping the team’s first rounder in next year’s draft for 2012 #3 overall pick Trent […]

Indianapolis Colts Go to 1-0 with Less Than Convincing 21-17 Win Over Oakland Raiders
September 8, 2013

by Kent Sterling All the Colts who contributed mightily to the Colts opening day win over the woeful Oakland Raiders, please stand up.  If your name isn’t Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne, or LaRon Landry, sit your asses back down. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter The problems with the performance of the Colts were […]

Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Giants – 10 Areas of Progress Fans Need to See Tonight
August 18, 2013

by Kent Sterling Another August weekend, another preseason football game without a meaningful result.  But just because there is no difference between 1-1 and 0-2 as the Colts board the plane from Jersey tonight, that doesn’t mean certain aspects of the game aren’t critical to the development of the team. Click Here to follow Kent […]

Indianapolis Colts – RB Ahmad Bradshaw Is Not the Answer for Colts
June 6, 2013

by Kent Sterling Running backs don’t get healthier with age.  Even Ahmad Bradshaw – a 27-year-old coming off a 1,015 yard season for the New York Giants has seen his best days. The Colts need a little help at running back returning Vick Ballard, Donald Brown, and Delone Carter, none of whom is especially dynamic […]

2012 NFL Mock Drafts Make NFL Draft Is a Media Phenomenon Like No Other
April 24, 2013

by Kent Sterling Not only does no one know what’s going to happen tomorrow night’s NFL Draft, but in most cases it doesn’t matter a damn.  Yet, we search mock drafts to try to figure out who the Rams will take with #16 and #22, and what the Colts will do with #24.  We watch […]

2016 Super Bowl – Indianapolis Colts vs. St. Louis Rams
April 20, 2013

by Kent Sterling In just under three years, the two worst teams of the 2011 NFL season will meet in Super Bowl L.  The host city is yet to be determined, but the teams and the reasons for their movement through the next three seasons into the NFL Championship are clear. It’s often said that […]