Today’s Ahead of the Curve (9a-11a) Sets Record for Great Greasts – Crean, Pegano, Luck, Copeland, Wynn, and Venturi

by Kent Sterling

UnknownHosting “Ahead of the Curve” on 1070 the Fan in Indy and on the web is the best way I can think of to start my weekend, and Fox 59 sports director Chris Hagan and I hope that listening to us while you are in the car or getting ready to roll for a fun weekend is worthwhile for you too.

Today’s show might be the most incredible in the history of Indianapolis sportstalk radio.  Well, that sounds ridiculous, but on a weekend that finds home games from the Hoosiers, Pacers, Colts, and last night’s rollicking Hoosier Hysteria fun at Assembly Hall, we have it all covered.

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As the Hoosiers prep for their Big Ten opener against Penn State, wide receiver and kick returner  Shane Wynn (10:30a) will tell you how the Hoosiers used the bye week to enhance their chances to beat the Nittany Lions.

Chuck Pagano and Andrew Luck gave Chris their thoughts on the what the Colts need to focus on to match up with the undefeated Seattle Seahawks.  They will air at 9:15a.

The Pacers have an almost completely rebuilt second unit and one of the keys to that group, Chris Copeland (10:15a), talks about his first preseason with the Pacers.

Tom Crean (9:45a) and highly touted freshman Stanford Robinson (10:00a) will talk how ready the Hoosiers are and will be to defend their Big Ten title.

And there is more.

The great Rick Venturi has spent the week as though he was preparing to play the Seahawks, and at 10:45a he will share his game plan.  Coach Venturi has become the football analyst that Indy has always wanted.  His insight is always uniqur because it’s generated through the same hard work that made him one of the best defensive coordinators in the NFL for a quarter century.

Add the Six-Pack and Boiling Point, and that is a show too big to be contained in just two hours, but we’ll try.  We have to squeeze it all in in 120 minutes because the pregame for the Hoosiers starts at 11a, and there is no pushing that show around.

After the game and the always excellent Jeremy Gray with the Hoosiers post game, I’ll be back with Mattt Surface for the American Standard College Football Review on 1070 the Fan.

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