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Chicago Cubs Fire Dale Sveum, for All the Wrong Reasons
September 30, 2013

by Kent Sterling Every major league baseball manager knows that he will be fired before he agrees to take the job, and with the Chicago Cubs, they know that the chances of lasting five full seasons are almost nil. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter Only one manager in the last half century has […]

NCAA Football and College Basketball – Why Not Pay Players to Their Value?
September 26, 2013

by Kent Sterling Why is it inherently bad to pay college athletes commensurate to their value?  Other than it never being done – at least not above the table – is there any justification for not allowing basic economics to operate unfettered for athletes whose work makes a lot of money for everyone associated with […]

Happy 25th Birthday to Wrigley Field Lights – They Haven’t Helped Much
August 8, 2013

by Kent Sterling Twenty-five years ago tonight, an exceptionally old man named Harry Grossman wheezed, “Let there be lights!”, pressed a button on a box with some wires sticking out of the bottom, and the lights came on at Wrigley Field for the first time. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter Grossman was one […]

Cubs Should Give Dale Sveum an Extenision, Not a Pink Slip
July 17, 2013

by Kent Sterling Rick Telander wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times that Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum has no chance to continue in that position following the expiration of his contract after the 2014 season, and he’s probably right.  That’s a shame. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter Sveum hasn’t won, but if John McGraw, […]

Chicago Cubs – Chicago Media Is Derelict in Telling Truth to Fans
July 9, 2013

by Kent Sterling It’s hard to tell whether the Chicago sports media is littered with morons, or if they’re nesting in the pockets of Cubs executives who are understandably averse to being outed as free spending and irresponsible. To suggest Matt Garza should be given an extension paying $15-million per year is only explainable by […]

Dave McKay – Best Hire So Far for Ricketts Era Chicago Cubs
May 2, 2013

by Kent Sterling A first base coach can be a drinking buddy for the manager – a bobo who hits pregame fungoes and tells the baserunners on first how many outs there are.  They say things like, “Make the line drive go through!” Or he can be a key component in the rebuilding of a […]